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norrise1954 First Scan
Member 26th Nov, 2008 21:30
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WinZip 7.x shows as threat but clicking on solution doesn't do anything. Any suggestions?

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Secunia Official 27th Nov, 2008 12:14
Thank you for reporting the issue. It is now solved.

For the changes to take effect you might need to reload the interface of the PSI, or simply restart your PC.
slack7639 WinZip 7 / First Scan
Member 5th Jan, 2009 21:31
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I had my paid version of WinZip 7 installed, and it came up as an Insecure Program.

The fix was to install the current Evaluation Version, Win Zip 11 (Win Zip 12 is the current Evaluation Version).

I kind of knew this wouldn't fix it, but I installed the Evaluation Version of Win Zip 11.

Win Zip 7 still came up as an Insecure Program. It was no longer in my Add/Remove Programs, and in its place was Win Zip 11.

I haven't used Win Zip 7 in a while, so I just de-installed Win Zip totally, and now it doesn't come up as an Insecure Program.

If I need to use Win Zip 7 in the future, I'll just re-install it at that time.

I don't think the suggested way to fix this should be to install the current evaluation version of the program, because that's not really fixing the issue. It should say it's insecure, and that's it, and that there's a new Evaluation version, it costs $29.95.

I like this program that checks all of this! Thank you!
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