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TiMow Google Chrome/Secure Browsing
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FAO Emil/Morten/Secunia

For information purposes:

Following the introduction of Chrome 8.x nearly 2 wks. ago, and subsequent recent update to 8.0.552.224, there is still no Secure Browsing box in v.

Almost on a daily basis, I have fully exited PSI and re-launched and re-scanned -- but to no avail.

This doesn't represent a major problem for me and un- and re- installing PSI is not a necessary consideration as a possible solution.

I just wanted to bring this back to the attention of you and users, in case it was in danger of being over-looked.

I would also be interested in learning, if any users reading this, using PSI v., have a browser box for Chrome 8.x in Secure Browsing.


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