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Death No solutions thread
Member 16th Dec, 2010 13:09
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Secunia was reporting a software - Java - insecure and said no solution.
Two comments: - how could be a thread if no solution? - Using the latest update of software is not good enough?

This user no longer exists RE: No solutions thread
Member 16th Dec, 2010 13:23
Last edited on 16th Dec, 2010 13:23 Hi,

An application marked 'Unpatched - No solution' has an 'Unpatched' vulnerability in it, ie. a vulnerability that is known but has not yet been fixed.

Since Secunia has nothing to do with maintenance of these products, we can only offer you a patch once the vendor makes one available.

The tab you are looking at is the 'Secure Browsing' tab, which is only intended for advanced users.
The vulnerabilities reported here are the kind you cannot solve - The information is provided only to allow users to take preemptive action to avoid being attacked.

hope this helps.
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