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WheatyBee Secunia PSI will not open after upgrade
Member 21st Dec, 2010 14:41
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I've just upgraded to version 2 but the app will not open now.

It appears in the system tray and the psia.exe process is running but whenever I try to open the app flashes up with a blank screen and then disappears.

I have rebooted since the installation and still getting the above

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition SP3.

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This user no longer exists RE: Secunia PSI will not open after upgrade
Secunia Official 21st Dec, 2010 15:24

Try to take a look at this thread:

I'll just extract the bit that you might look into:
"I seem to have narrowed the cause down to a conflict with a particular version of a component of XP/Office Advanced Text Services.

In Classic view go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Click the Languages Tab and the the Details Button. Scroll through the list of installed languages and their subcomponents. If you have any instances of "Handwriting recognition - Drawing Pad" then simply use the Remove button to take them away (it's just as easy to add them back in using the add button if this doesn't solve the bug on your machine or you realise that you need this component). Click apply and then OK and all of the affected versions of Secunia and the betas should load fine with no further workarounds needed. "

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