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CurlyJon Not a valid win 32 application?
Member 21st Dec, 2010 19:14
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I downloaded the version 2 installer, but Win XP SP3 Pro refused to install it. I got the error message that "psiinstaller.exe is not a valid win32 application". I tried re-downloading and installing and got the same message.
How can I get it to install?

thedillpickl RE: Not a valid win 32 application?
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Hi CurlyJon;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

This site give a good explanation of the problem and possible solutions to this problem. My guess would be cause #1 that is given, "File is corrupt, bad, or missing.". As PSI is designed for XP, downloads from Secunia are safe and PSI has almost no hardware requirements.

Possibly, your download failed because of the tremendous amount of download traffic to get PSI 2.0 recently. On these threads and I have discussed this problem.

"First, to answer the "Why did my download fail?" question. Secunia only has so much bandwidth to work with. The speed at which you connect to the download site may have a lot to do with it. I tried a dozen times to download using a dial-up connection and got the same message. Remember, there are thousands of people trying to download PSI 2.0 at the same time.

> Try downloading later, in the US after dinner and before bed.
> Try downloading in a few days, after the rush.
> Use a download manager (I couldn't wait, so I used FDM).

This has happened before on other major updates and for other vendors. Do not be discouraged, please be patient.

Also, I found on my install, the computer had to be restarted for PSI to actually load. I did not see any installation instructions that told of that requirement. The uninstall of the 1.9 beta was not required as the install program did it for me."

Hope this helps.



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mogs RE: Not a valid win 32 application?
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Did you clear out temporary files/browser cache before installing ? It's oft been found to help.
Did you download from here ? :-
( psi 2.0 Full Version

Hope it's of some help...regards,

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