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This user no longer exists Community Forum - New features and improvements
Secunia Official 27th Nov, 2008 14:26
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First of all thanks for the great feedback on the final Secunia PSI 1.0 and this new Secunia Community Forum.

Based on your initial feedback on the Community Forum we have added some new features and improvements, which hopefully will improve the overall experience when using this forum.

A quick run down of the new features:
* Ability to search through existing threads
* Added logout link in menu on your left (when logged in)
* The "All Threads" page now offer pages, showing 20 threads per page
* Ability to sort threads on the "All Threads" page
* It is now possible to click a user and view the threads a user has created and participated in
* Links are automatically converted into clickable links
* Support for creating BOLD and ITALIC text in thread content

We hope you will find the changes useful and continue your great help assisting fellow PSI users achieving a perfect 100% Secunia System Score.

CFischer RE: Community Forum - New features and improvements
Member 27th Nov, 2008 21:27
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Wouldn't it be also better to have a "CLOSE" button for the user who opened the thread to mark a solved problem and close this conversation?

Together we can reach any star!
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