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3-northernpike PSI 2 tray icon and threat indicator bars
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Just wanted to report an interesting problem which I've had with the PSI 2 tray icon...
Yesterday, after I got help with the "waiting for data to load" problem, things seemed to be running fine...the tray icon was green, and I was getting the 100% system score message when the mouse hovered over the icon. But, after I shut down the computer and rebooted later in the day, the tray icon stayed red upon startup, and only said "PSI tray" when the mouse hovered over it. The only way to get the icon to turn green was to click on it to open the didn't seem to be running in the background.
I went to the Secunia site and did several reinstalls. Each time the uninstaller said it recognized an older version and needed to remove it in order to proceed with the install, and each time the icon in the tray, after what appeared to be a successful install, remained red until I had to manually activate PSI 2 by clicking on the red icon, at which point the PSI 2 would then load data and the icon would turn green.
Puzzled, I checked my Norton's's setting was for "auto" and I changed it to "allow" for both PSI 2 files, setup and agent. I also went to my control panel, and "removed" PSI 2 from programs. I then went to the Secunia website and downloaded PSI 2...this time the uninstaller message did not pop up, and the icon turned green with the traditional score result with mouse hover. I rechecked the Firewall settings and noticed "auto" for PSI 2 was no longer an option, and "allow" was still set for both files. Things seem to be working fine now with the tray icon, however, Now when I check the file scan status, everthing is patched, there are no threat indicator bars (this with the browser enabled), not even on IE8, which ALWAYS had a threat indicator bar.

Hope this reported experience with the tray icon is helpful for somebody else.

Is there something new wrong now that the threat indicator bars aren't showing up with the "secured browsing page" enabled?...or is this just a new bars?

Thank you for all your help, and any additional feedback you might have
Best regards,
Windows XP sp3


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Anthony Wells RE: PSI 2 tray icon and threat indicator bars
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Hi ,

The new version 2.0 has up to 4 processes running at any one time ; being : psi.exe , psia.exe , sua.exe and psi_tray.exe . It is likely that the psia.exe was not able to contact the Secunia servers to provide the correct icon data .

The threat bars were (thankfully) specifically removed after many requests ; the enabling of secure browsing has no side affects . It's separation to an "advanced" user module and the bars removal are to minimise confusion for the casual user .

Hope that is a little clearer .



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