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fasteddie358 Update downloaded
Member 22nd Dec, 2010 17:30
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I downloaded the most current update to Apple iTunes, i.e.,, yet PSI still shows it as an "end of life" product.

This user no longer exists RE: Update downloaded
Member 22nd Dec, 2010 17:36

When a product is "End-Of-Life" that indicates the vendor no longer supports it, and will thus no longer publish any updates for it. This means that even installing the most 'up-to-date' variant of that version will not make the PSI show it as patched.

If you want to remove the alert for this product, you can either remove the old version or add an Ignore rule.

If you have problems removing the software I suggest posting back to the forum where I am sure our community will be ready to help you.

hope this helps.
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