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chackmann Removing Google Chrome 6x
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I tried Google Chrome several months ago, and wasn't crazy about it, so I removed it, using the "uninstall" feature in the Programs list. The program no longer appears on my Add/Remove Programs list. However, it *does" appear on my Secunia list of End-of-Life programs, which recommends a patch. I don't want to install a new version of this program, I just want to cleanly get rid of the old one.

Here is where Secunia finds the program:
C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome Frame\Application\6.0.472.63\chrome.dll


This user no longer exists RE: Removing Google Chrome 6x
Member 22nd Dec, 2010 18:28

This is a very common issue, and has been seen with Google Chrome more than once.

The problem here is that some vendors forget to 'clean up' when new versions are installed, and simply leave the old versions in place.

With the path you have posted, you can either remove the file (entirely at your own risk;) or add an ignore rule in the PSI. To add an Ignore Rule, you can expand the program's entry on the results tab, and click the 'Ignore' icon to the far right of the Installation Path.

hope this helps.
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