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Compumind When exiting the PSI 2.0, there is no confirmation.
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Hi there:

When I "exit" the PSI 2.0 via the "X" in windows, the program immediately shuts down with no other Secunia processes running in the background.

Yet, I have read this...

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Some people have expressed concern that the PSI 'closes' when the 'X' is clicked in the top right corner. However, it is only the user interface that is closed.

To keep the PSI as light and fast as possible, we have seperated the PSI into 3 componets - the PSI agent, the PSI user interface, and the Tray Icon.

Closing the 'visible' part of the PSI only closes the User Interface, and not any other part of the PSI. This is also why it 'loads' all over each time you start up the PSI.

This feature was introduced to save CPU/memory while running in the background.

Emil R. Petersen
Secunia PSI Support
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

Therefore, I am confused.

I liked the way the PSI used to be where I was able to close the tray icon manually and shut down the program, rather than mistakenly clicking the "X" and having to restart the whole program, which adds several seconds, at the least. I don't see how it is saving CPU/memory in this regard.

It should be much faster, IMHO. It takes at least 10 seconds via Broadband.

Perhaps the explanation of the PSI 2.0 shutdown can be clarified and mention made if the old shutdown procedure will be brought back.

Many thanks,

Compumind :0)

P.S. Exactly what processes (names) should be running when the PSI is Active and any when Inactive? (I would think that there should be none when the program is Inactive, as in closed/exited.)

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