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3-northernpike steps taken to get PSI 2 to work
Member 23rd Dec, 2010 19:19
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It's taken 3 days fiddling with PSI 2 and my PC to finally get it to where it seems to be running correctly.
I use Windows XP Pro sp3.
First, on the initial download, program was stuck on "waiting to load data."
Per forum help, went to my browser, IE8 and added 2 URLs...http://* and https://* unchecked "require server verification box and accepted changes...restarted PC and the program loaded.
Next problem came after I shut down PC and rebooted later on. Then the red icon in tray wouldn't turn green and give system score...PSI 2 did not appear to be l"launching" with system startup...thought there might be a firewall issue, made adjustments and decided to manually remove PSI 2 from PC and reinstall.
When I did a "remove" in the control panel, an internet linked survey at poped up a screen asking for reason for the same time some sort of JAVA file visibly loaded in the upper left hand of screen...had to close that out, then proceed with uninstall.
After several permutations of installing and unstalling and reinstalling, and opting out of refilling the survey pop-up link, I noticed that in the PSI 2 scan results, there was a JAVA file just below the Secunia file. When I opened it, there appeared to be some Secunia files in it.
Checked forum again, discovered JAVA vulnerability info. Back to PC control panel to remove JAVA platform 6 ver 22 file.
Today, again with the red icon, and the program not launching, a more thorough look into the PSI 2 scan files, specifically the PSI file uncovered 2 Microsoft MXML core 4 files under the "Ignore" tab...I deleted those...and NOW PSI 2 launches on startup and my tray icon is green!
Hope this is helpful to somebody else!
Windows XP Pro sp3


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TeeCee RE: steps taken to get PSI 2 to work
Member 27th Dec, 2010 05:32
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I am at a loss myself. I have 2.0 the green tray icon, but NO user interface, no profile, and none of the 'fixes' seem to work.

I am going to remove it, and HOPEFULLY install V. 1.5.

This has been a nightmare for me..

Windows XP SP3
IE 7/ FF 3.6.13
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thedillpickl RE: steps taken to get PSI 2 to work
Contributor 27th Dec, 2010 05:49
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@3#northernpike, I'm wore out just hearing how much work you've done! :)

@TeeCee, Go back to v1.5 for awhile if it works for you. After a couple of months try v2.0 again and if still having problems contact , they should be more available by then.



XP Home
Chrome, Firefox, IE8
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3-northernpike RE: steps taken to get PSI 2 to work
Member 27th Dec, 2010 07:46
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Thanks Fred, alias thedillpickl,

Another issue popped up on Christmas Eve...see the thread "PSI back to zero."
So, have uninstalled PSI 2 and have reinstalled the previous version, which seems to be working fine at this juncture.

Per your advice, I think I'll use this version for a while...don't know that I can hold out for 1-2 months though. I think I'll follow the forum until I get a feel for when the glitches have been worked out, and then install PSI 2 at that time.

This free forum is a wonderful thing, especially for a "newbie." The customer service is very impressive, especially when you see the Secunia experts and contributors obviously taking the time to read these threads, and then share their expertise. On top of that, it's great to have input, encouragement, shared feedback from all levels of users to help keep this valuable (and free!) software runnning smoothly.

Thank you Secunia for graciously keeping PSI free!

Best regards from the snowy mountains of N. Carolina and good wishes for the New Year!

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