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Maurice Joyce PSI Broken - A Bit Of Light Relief While Awaiting A Fix
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If U consider my small contribution to the Forum throughout the year has been helpful can U please, in return, now help those stranded at UK airports by a mere 1" (called a flurry) of snow?

How can U help?

1. Please instruct all aircraft leaving your country to divert to London Heathrow Airport. We cannot afford specialist snow clearing equipment (official reasons for airport closer appear to indicate the current situation was caused by the "wrong" type of snow for our current cleaners) therefore the constant landings & takeoffs will help keep the runways clear.

2. If there are any Nordic country residents wishing to help could U please instruct all your pilots to lower their nose end snowplough once the aircraft begins its final approach to London. Despite instructions from the Operations Tower they should use Runway South which has been closed for days awaiting your arrival. Please note however that any aircraft sent that is emblazoned with the logo "To keep mobile in all weathers use Volvo or Saab" will not be permitted into British airspace.

3. For those from the United States of America (particularly Alaska) & Canada - could U bring warm clothing (non returnable) & military folding beds in the aircraft hold for use by waiting passengers? If shovels & brushes are included please send enough passengers to use them or an expert to teach our ground staff.

4. UK residents can also help. If living in Yorkshire,Scotland or Wales U have only had 5 feet of snow & are coping well. Why not send your road salt to help out? Getting any surplus to London could be a nightmare but "Every Little Helps".

5. From Australia? U can help to. Please allow England to win the Cricket Test Match Ashes. The Ashes will be treated with respect. Initial thoughts are that they could be presented to the Chairman of the British Airports Authority (BAA) as a gentle reminder of what should happen to the money being given to him as an Annual Efficiency Bonus Payment.

5. Unable to help in a practical way? Perhaps U could photograph a British Airways (BA) aircraft trying to land in your country direct from the UK. Publishing such an event on the internet would create another Wonder Of The World for all to see and would most certainly qualify as an entry in The Guinness Book Of Records.

Cannot help at all? Never mind - Happy Christmas (Holidays) & a Prosperous New Year. PSI will be fixed soon!


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taffy078 RE: PSI Broken - A Bit Of Light Relief While Awaiting A Fix
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very good, Maurice! ;0)

I've spoken to the Government just now - they've promised to send you aid from their slush fund.

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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