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JLPSIuser scan
Member 25th Dec, 2010 05:12
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I recently upgraded to PSI 2,0. The one thing new I am doing is letting the program startup during boot and leaving it running. I did not do this in the previous version.

Do I need to scan pc for it to find new vulnerabilities and updates or will it notify me.

mogs RE: scan
Member 25th Dec, 2010 09:02
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When I installed the new psi 2.0; it ran the first scan automatically after install. You should still perform scans periodically.
psi will update automatically those programs that can be auto-updated :( not all progs are able to be updated this way ) and that you nominate. See Configurations/Settings on the left of the Dashboard. You can set whether you wish to be notified prior to auto update or not.
Hope this helps.....regards,

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