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amazon13 Comodo "TrustConnect"
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I hope that this thread is created, because the specific program was not listed under programs. I have been using this program for eight months and have had a few problems with it that hasn't been fully addressed by the company, but otherwise have been satisfied to a point. I'm still getting use to it but I must say that the technical support for this particular program leaves something to be desired with their ambiguous answers to customers questions about the program and actually using it. This program is supposedly providing wi-fi security as well as connection security of all kinds when it comes to hackers identifying your presence online. So far it seems to have done its job when it is working well, but it does disconnect suddenly if you lose your primary connection without any pre-warning.

Honestly, I'm scared silly when it come to Internet security, therefore I research different software solutions that make claims of making your Internet connections more secure. I have been using Comodo products for years successfully, that is why I decided to give this program a try. The way that the company handles technical situations really leaves something to be desired in their communications with the customers. They seem to not actually read information that is sent to them through attachments included to further explain or show the problems at hand. Has anyone here used this program by Comodo and if so what type of experiences have you had with the program and the companies tech support, if any? I've noticed that Secunia hasn't acknowledged nor listed it as being contained on my computer, maybe Secunia isn't aware of this particular program from Comodo. That is why I'm raising the question about it in order to find out if any other Secunia users are familiar with it!


mogs RE: Comodo "TrustConnect"
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It doesn't seem to be a program already being monitored by Secunia....after having checked thro' Advisories here ( Trust Connect ) :-

For psi to monitor you most likely need to Suggest it, as follows :


PSI versions 1.5

1. Open the Patched or Secure Browsing tab.
2. Scroll to the bottom where you will see "Program Missing? Suggest It Here!"
3. Click the link & then fill in the details .
4.Click Suggest Program.

Remember that Beta/Dev versions of progs aren't accepted for monitoring.

psi 2.0

1. On the Dashboard click on Results..
2. On the Results page just above Install Solution see Are you missing a program?
3. Click on it, and fill in the details.
4. Click Suggest Software

Beta/Dev versions are not accepted for monitoring

Hope this is of some help....regards,

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