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Hello. Here's a recent copy of an official reply which I hope will explain to some extent :-

The PSI will not be aware of the drives on your system before you run a full rescan.

As for the PSI appearing to detect 'less' programs, this was also noted by many users in the Beta period. However, the scan engine has not changed significantly, and the PSI will detect ever program it detected before (If anything, it will detect more).

Morever, we have made several changes to how this information is presented in the user interface, which are all aimed at making the PSI easier to use.

One of these is that several detected instances of the same program will now only be shown as one.

The reason for this change is that many users would experience the presense of 'zombie files' (installation leftovers) on their systems, and believe that patches had not been installed. The PSI will still detect every instance and show it too you (and in the '#' column, you can see the amount detected on your system), but it will no longer flag you as Insecure as long as you have the latest version installed.

Furthermore, only the 'root' partition, and the drive containing 'Program Files' will be included for scanning by default (Both of these are usually C:\). This is to avoid detecting backup files on seperate drives, which could also be confusing for some users.
To see which drives are included for scanning by the PSI, look in Settings > Drives. From here, you can only include or exclude drives for scanning.

Hope the foregoing is of some help.....regards,

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