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sheliasteff2005 Problem updating adobe shockwave player 10.x
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Program Name:
Adobe Shockwave Player 10.x

Security State:

Download Link:

Instances Found:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Shockwave 10\SwOnce.dll, version:

Last System Scan (localtime):
22. Dec 2010, 21:54

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3


Maurice Joyce RE: Problem updating adobe shockwave player 10.x
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Before starting to fix Adobe Shockwave do U really require it? Windows works perfectly without this programme which may have been pre installed on the PC at the time of purchase.

If not required just uninstall it completely. If you do have a requirement read on:

1. Uninstall Shockwave for your OS from the clearly marked link here:

2. Reboot to clear out any left over ocx files.

3. Rescan using PSI. Are there any outstanding files that are insecure? These should be cleared out before proceeding to serial 4.

Note 1: At this stage,if PSI finds any elements of Shockwave in the C:\i386 folder or on any drive other than C that is an OEM reinstallation partition (normally D drive) or a drive U use solely to backup your work U can safely create an ignore rule.

Note 2: The path on the C Drive to any remaining insecurity is important. Does it point to the Shockwave Player or another Adobe product that has a Flash element? If it points to Shockwave right click on the file(s) & delete them. If it points elsewhere reinstalling Shockwave will not necessarily clear the problem.

4. Reinstall Shockwave from here:

5. If you wish to test your new Shockwave Player the link is here:

Update 3 12:24 28/07/2010

Looks to me like U have a duplicate thread running.


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TiMow RE: Problem updating adobe shockwave player 10.x
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This user has 2 identical threads running - the other is here:

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