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taffy078 congratulations, Mogs . . . .
Contributor 28th Dec, 2010 09:30
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on your new 'handle'. Well deserved, imho, as you're always there helping others.

Another of Secunia's "good samaritans". ;0)

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

HP Envy Win10 PC and Compaq Presario screwed up by forced upgrade to Win10 from WIn7

mogs RE: congratulations, Mogs . . . .
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Thanks very much taffy ! Have you got a few coppers to spare tho' loin cloth needs to go to a Dot in a laundrette !! Ha !
One never really knows if one has saved a Soul from the paranoia associated with overmuch cleansing/ must be tantamount to suicide to take a dip in some rivers, or couch one's emotions in Script ?!
Have a great soap-opera kinda day !

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