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JLPSIuser Advantage of startup
Member 28th Dec, 2010 20:48
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What is the advantage of PSI 2.0 starting up on boot. The only thing I noticed is that it informs of programs added and deleted. I do not add/remove programs that often. What other advantages does it have. Another one I can see is that it will scan automatically, but since it only scans once a week; I can do that manually.

mogs RE: Advantage of startup
Member 28th Dec, 2010 21:42
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As I use the forum very regularly I find it very handy to have the UI open to refer to : from the time I first boot ! It doesn't take long to warm up. I havn't found any disadvantages from doing so....CPU/Mem remains low. I too use the manual scan..probably about twice a week...tho' I can appreciate that a once a week auto-scan would be appreciated by some. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose : and all for free....advantaged more than lots !

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