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bjm__ 2.0 User Feedback
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2.0 User Feedback
Please, I need a larger font.
Please, I need a font I can see and read.
The GUI must have been designed by someone with very young eyes.
How about a GUI for user with not so young eyes.
Is gray the only color in your box of crayons.
Please get a new box of crayons.
Please resurrect and apply the 1.5 font and color scheme to 2.0
You can also make the green columns smaller.
I can see the useless green columns.
I can see the useless graph box.
Do you have to use all that space for passive useless information.
Valuable real estate is lost to green columns and a graph that does nothing.
Take back some of that real estate for functional useful required information.

When does Program Monitoring report program installations and removals.
When I install Firefox Add-on. No notification.
When I uninstall Firefox Add-on. No notification.
When I open Secunia PSI... then I get a pop-up notice.
Is that the way it's supposed to work. I have to open PSI to receive pop-up notice from tray Icon.
Start on boot and Program monitoring are checked.

This user no longer exists RE: 2.0 User Feedback
Member 3rd Jan, 2011 13:20

Thank your for your feedback!

I will ensure that your suggestions reach our developers for consideration. :)

Hope this helps.
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