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klimmbimm Save CPU: Which update tasks to kill?
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I installed Secunia PSI to abandon some running update tasks.
Until now I found the Java Updater (jusched.exe) and the AdobeARM.exe (I hope this is the Adobe updater) and deactivated those loading at boottime using msconfig.

Does anybody have a suggestion which other tasks I could kill?
Is AdobeARM.exe the real updater? There are 2 more Adobe entrys (CS4ServiceManager.exe -launchedbylogin and Reader_sl.exe).

Further there is a QuickTime entry QTTask.exe -atboottime. Is this some kind of an updater or is for playing media in a browser?

By the way: when Secunia PSI is updating my programs, does it prevent the updater tasks from being activated in the msconfig again?

This user no longer exists RE: Save CPU: Which update tasks to kill?
Member 3rd Jan, 2011 15:38

Unfortunately I can only address the PSI-related questions, and cannot recommend any suitable processes to kill.

However, the PSI does not attempt to close a program's build-in auto-update functionality. In general, the PSI will never alter your systems behaviour or that of any third-party application - the updates we provide are usually linked directly from the vendor's own sites, or alternatively hosted on our FTP servers (though obviously still unmodified).

hope this helps.
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Maurice Joyce RE: Save CPU: Which update tasks to kill?
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A suggestion.

It may be worthwhile checking the Options/Settings of each programme installed on your PC & decide from there whether U really require some vendor default options running.

I have looked up the four instances that U have highlighted. Having studied the description of use for each one I PERSONALLY would never have them running. To me pure bloat & dross but that may not SUIT U or OTHERS who use the programme & may prefer to have them active.

I have used JAVA as an example of controlling the options. MS CONFIG is not required.

1. Go to Control Panel>JAVA>click the icon>open the Update Tab & take the tick (check mark)out of the update box & click apply.

2. Now click the Advanced Tab & expand MISCELLANEOUS> U can remove the ticks from both boxes if U consider they are of no benefit.

Please note with JAVA (& perhaps others) that U require to complete this task after every update/upgrade because the vendor is trying to run your PC.

This is what the others do.


Adobe Arm, otherwise known as Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager, is an auto update utility that notifies you, downloads, and installs new updates for these products. If you install these updates manually then you do not need this programme to start up automatically.

File Location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\AdobeARM.exe

CS4 Service Manager

This service allows the proper functioning of a service like Adobe Drive and other network functions.

File Location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CS4ServiceManager\CS4ServiceManager.ex e

Adobe Reader Speed Launcher

reader_sl.exe is a process associated the with the Adobe Reader. It is used to decrease the load time for the reader when a PDF document is selected.

Apple Quicktime Tray Icon

qttask.exe produced by Apple, installs a tray bar icon which links to the Apple QuickTime video streaming tool.

Please also bare in mind that PSI is a vulnerability checker not a general updater. It does not cater for vendor cosmetic or bug fix updates nor does cater for programmes in BETA.

Hope this helps.


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