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puget1 Auto Updates/Firefox
Member 4th Jan, 2011 20:06
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I have decided to use the Auto Update feature. What I need to know has anyone suffered a problem when using "No Scripts" , "Cookie Safe" or "Better Privacy" while being enabled. Will Auto Updates be able to function? I know Secunia is aware of these add-ons but were they programed for. Thanks

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This user no longer exists RE: Auto Updates/Firefox
Member 5th Jan, 2011 09:54
Last edited on 5th Jan, 2011 09:54 Hi,

As far as I know, the PSI AU functionality should not impact your plugins.

The PSI will only automatically install a patch if that patch fixes a specific security issues. This means that, usually, this will be the latest stable version of Firefox.

Firefox checks your addons for competability when it starts a new version for the first time, so if there are any issues you should be notified.

hope this helps.

PS: I use NoScript myself and have never had any problems after installing newer version of Firefox (Well, 'Iceweasel', but same difference).
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