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tfirstclass Spyware Detector
Member 5th Jan, 2011 22:08
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Secunia lists on the scan results my Max Secure Registry software. But not it's

sister software..whixh is Spyware Detector. They are from the same software

company, and I have them both on my computer. I am using Windows Vista

Home Premium. I'm wondering why not..??..

mogs RE: Spyware Detector
Member 5th Jan, 2011 22:26
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There is a Spyware Detector 12.x showing in advisories here :-
Perhaps it's a matter of detection rules needing which case Secunia staff will hopefully pick this thread out in the morning.
Hope this helps....regards,

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This user no longer exists RE: Spyware Detector
Member 6th Jan, 2011 12:59

Could I ask you to submit a software suggestion for Spyware Detector? To do so, go to the Scan Results page, click "Are you missing a program?" and suggest a suitable file related to the Spyware Detector program.

We will then examine your suggestion and add the program for detection if possible.
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