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pengwyn Forum message spammer in the house
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I was heading to PSI API forum and clearly found second post is not on topic.
checking the user, shows a disturbing pattern

Apparently it's been going on for a few weeks across several forums, with a few new user accounts to justify the spam.

spammer: bla bla buy me shoes, bags bla bla
salted spammer/user reply back: thanks for this!

While it isn't harming me personally, it makes me mad that secunia is nice enough to kick us out PSI and offer a forum for feedback only to have it abused by greedy people trying to sell or rip people off.

thedillpickl RE: Forum message spammer in the house
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Hi pengwyn;

Odd that Secunia has not removed that user. Maybe the game is getting old. They just get a new 'free' e-mail address and start over.



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