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Apple Safari 5.x

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altena Version number query
Member 6th Jan, 2011 13:29
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PSI says I need to update Safari:
"Instances Found:
C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.exe, version:"
However it also says the "latest version including one or more security fixes is 5.0.3."
Isn't 5.33 LATER than 5.0.3?
If not, why do the version numbers go backwards?

This user no longer exists RE: Version number query
Member 6th Jan, 2011 14:59

Sometimes there is a disrepency between the 'official' version numbers and the file version numbers. In such a case, we will often choose to show the version number officially associated to the current version instead of the file information.

In this case, the 5.0.3 release has the version info of "", which is higher than the version you have installed. If you install the latest version from Apple's site, you should be able to get to

Hope this helps. :)
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