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ARangil problem with version 2 working
Member 8th Jan, 2011 11:24
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Hi all,

I have installed Secunia version 2 ( not Beta) both in my laptop and main computer, both systems run Windows Vista and IE latest version.
While in my laptop works perfectly, on my main computer does not start, and yet there is the icon on the tool bar showing me the results ie 90% or so.
This confirms with me that the installation is OK.
Can anyone please help me advising what I am doing wrong, because I had to reinstall version 1.5 which works very well.

Tank you.

mogs RE: problem with version 2 working
Member 8th Jan, 2011 11:57
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Did you try closing psi down...right click on the tray icon : close that too. Reboot and manual start ?

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lmacri RE: problem with version 2 working
Member 8th Jan, 2011 17:02
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Hi Arangil:

Secunia released a new build of PSI 2.0 on January 5, 2011. Do you have the latest version of PSI 2.0 (Build 2001) on you main computer?

Also, do your laptop and main computer use different types of Internet connections? PSI 2.0 (Build 2001) works fine on my laptop when I use a fast public WiFi connection, but I can't even get the interface to load on the same machine when I use my dial-up connection at home. Barret's post titled "Verifying Internet Connection" at may provide
some helpful suggestions if your main computer uses a slow connection.

There appears to be a bug in PSI 2.0 with the pop-up balloon that displays the scan results above your system tray icon (see mog's post at and I don't think it correctly indicates that PSI has actually connected to the Secunia server. It can take over 5 minutes for the PSI 2.0 interface to load on my machine when I use a slow internet connection, so if the PSI dashboard displays as a blank window and the splash screen just sits at "Verifying Internet connection..." try leaving your computer alone for 10 minutes after starting PSI and see if the interface eventually loads on its own.

Disabling the "Start the Secunia PSI on boot" option in the PSI configuration settings improved the performance of PSI 2.0 on my computer, but you won't be able to test setting this if you can't get the dashboard to load in the first place. I'm convinced that PSI doesn't work correctly unless all the different services (psia.exe, psi_tray.exe, psi.exe and sua.exe) load correctly in a specific sequence, and for some reason (possibly a disabled Windows service or a server certificate revocation because of a slow Internet connection), certain computers seem to have a problem loading these services in the correct order.

Like you , PSI works fine on my laptop, even when I'm using a dial-up connection. I've had all sorts of problems since upgrading to PSI 2.0.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * FF ESR v52.9.0 * NS v22.15.1.8 * PSI v3.0.0.11005
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