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Buzzel123 Link ID:
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hallo kann mir jemand vielleicht helfen
wie od was ist die Link ID:
bitte um antwort danke :)

alexander schenk

This user no longer exists RE: Link ID:
Member 10th Jan, 2011 12:34
Last edited on 10th Jan, 2011 12:34 Hi,

This is primarily an English forum, and unfortunately Secunia only provide our free support in English or Danish.

The Link ID relates to tying the PSI to the CSI, which is the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector. As such, the Link ID is only of interest to paying customers, and not users of our free scanner. :)

In essence, though, the Link ID is the 'unique ID' that ties a PSI installation to a CSI.

Hope this helps.

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