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blanenc Nostalgia for the old version
Member 12th Jan, 2011 14:42
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It's clear that I could go back to the old version.
I've installed the new one and it works OK

But some features I liked more in the previous version.

First the translation, but that will come, I'm sure, in the near future

I could see directly on the dashboard the infected programs after clicking the link about insecure or old programs and icons about technical informations, downloading, and a new scanning of the program.

Well, possibly I did not yet find out all the features and I'll learn about it

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Maurice Joyce RE: Nostalgia for the old version
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Have U seen the Manual?

Open PSI>Dashboard>Learn More>Secunia PSI Manual (PDF)


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mogs RE: Nostalgia for the old version
Member 12th Jan, 2011 17:29
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Below is a copy of some recent official notes concerning translation :-

Users wondering about localized auto-updates : you can configure which language you want a certain package installed in, by double-clicking the program's entry, and selecting the preferred language in the 'Preferred language' drop-down box.

Users wondering about translation of the psi User Interface : this process is already underway. However, since our translators are volunteers, we would not ask them to help us before the interface was finalized - ie. before the Final psi 2.0 was released this Monday.

However, the translation is already underway and a language release will be out in the new year.

Hope it helps.....regards,

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Anthony Wells RE: Nostalgia for the old version
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Hello blanenc ,

Version 2.0 does what you want in a different way to avoid some confusion (for new users) in being able to see if you have correctly updated and if the update has left old files behind :-

1)the results page moves/shows any "insecure" programme needing updating at the very top of the programmes' display ; after a correct update it will be re-displayed in it's original "alphabetic" display position .

The latest PSI version often shows the update in real time ; however , if not , a full scan is still preferable to an individual programme scan - not forgetting to reboot for M$ updates .

2) if , after updating correctly , a technically "insecure" file is left behind but which has little exposure (if any) to the bad guys it will be grouped with the updated programme and you will see (on the results' page) that the # column has a number for the multiple entries , accordingly . The left behind files are called "zombie" files ; it is up to you if you wish to delete them . Google Chrome Frame and Browser always leaves the previous version folder behind , for example , both are displayed under the one/same programme display .

Note : if a programme changes from a major branch or platform to another , even if you update correctly , the old platform version will display as "insecure" or "EOL" if it was not removed at update .

Reading the Manual should fill out more details for you .

Hope that helps .



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barbareska words and exel instead of OOo
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