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Adobe Reader 9.x

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Goodguy2008 Remove programs from Secunia
Member 13th Jan, 2011 17:56
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I have been up dating and Scanning with Secunia, and many times I get the same program telling me to update the program. Then I find out that I'm just fine. How do I remove this from my list so I don't spend time going through the process, only to find out the program I have is better. Thanks

This user no longer exists RE: Remove programs from Secunia
Member 14th Jan, 2011 08:36

Are you running the PSI 2.0? If not, you can get it from here:

This item of our FAQ explains why an older version might not entirely disappear from the UI even after you have applied the patches:

If you want the PSI to simply "ignore" the issue, try following these instructions:

Or, alternatively, if you plan to ask our community for help removing the old versions of the programs, you can include the information specified here:

Hope this helps. :)
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