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dreamspinner3 Installed PSI & it doesn't work
Member 13th Jan, 2011 21:27
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I just installed the latest version of PSI for the first time on my computer, which is running Windows XP 32-bit version with SP3, Avast Antivirus, Sunbelt Personal Firewall, Malwarebytes' Antimalware, & Spyware Blaster. Mozilla Foxfire is my default browser.

I cannot get the program to run; after I installed it, my system said Windows XP needed to shut PSI down in order to protect my computer. I restarted my system & when I try to run PSI, a white box appears on my screen briefly & then it immediately disappears.

I went through all of the steps listed in your FAQ to resolve the problem as listed in another thread but it did not solve the problem. Neither did setting Internet Explorer 7 to my default browser.

This sounds like a great program to use but I can't even get it to work on my PC! Can anyone help me out?


smurphdude RE: Installed PSI & it doesn't work
Contributor 14th Jan, 2011 06:56
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Take a look at

or at

for some potential workarounds to this bug.
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This user no longer exists RE: Installed PSI & it doesn't work
Member 14th Jan, 2011 10:23

Please try reinstalling the PSI:

We have updated our FAQ to make this issue easier to solve. If you walk through the steps outlined here, are you still unable to use the PSI?

Hope this helps.
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