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LewVis Remove Firefox Setup 3.5.16.exe
Member 18th Jan, 2011 04:53
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I have tried getting rid of this setup for about 4 weeks.
I cannot find any file, etc where it can be removed.

It does not appear on Add/Remove programs or anywhere
else I have looked. My computer expertise is barely average, so
I am sure I am missing something.

Thanks for any help

This user no longer exists RE: Remove Firefox Setup 3.5.16.exe
Member 18th Jan, 2011 09:02

Assuming that is it the PSI telling you about this program, it will also report the "Path" (ie. location) of the detected program.

To see this, click "+" next to the program's entry on the Scan Results page. There will be an entry for every instance of the program, and even better, the leftmost of the buttons next to the path will take you directly to the file's location (The one without a red "dot" over it).

hope this helps.
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ThomVis RE: Remove Firefox Setup 3.5.16.exe
Member 19th Jan, 2011 04:37
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Thanks very much for your help. With info you sent me, I was able to

remove the Firefox Setup.

Thanks again,

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