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amazon13 Firefox 3.6.13 Doesn't Work In Vista Very Well!
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I have updated this version 3 times and have had to remove it because it's causing problems with slow browsing, hanging and has crashed many times while I'm surfing the net. When I say slow, I mean to a crawl and then usually it crashes. I've sent reports every time this has happened and of course I'm informed that I will not receive a response, so don't expect one. Some where at the bottom of the page it informs me that if I want a response I need to Bcc it, but that's not available for me to do. I'm not going to try to use this version again, because I've tried it many times only to get the same results. I reversed back to 3.6.12 and it worked fine and regained the speed that was lost in the updated version, now it is being flagged as insecure in Secunia thereby lowering my overall score.


ddmarshall RE: Firefox 3.6.13 Doesn't Work In Vista Very Well!
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I've not had any problems like this. I'd eliminate Add-ons. Have you tried Firefox Safe Mode ?

Update 21st January

Mozilla are blaming the Skype toolbar for this type of problem:

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