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rreinman Driver update support
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I am discussing the possibility of having Secunia supporting driver updates as well as program updates.

1). Would it be possible?

2). How difficult for the developers would it be?

3). Could it be in the Secunia main program, or write it as a plug-in?

This program over the few years I have been testing it shows absolute rock solid accuracy, and customizable on what to scan and what not to scan for.

I have tested, and used many other update/Security scanners/programs in the past, and this one is on top.

Waiting for replies...


mogs RE: Driver update support
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It just seemed a little strange that you've been a member for three years and this your first post to the forum ?! Not wishing that your post be left in the cold....I'm sure your questions will be best answered by Secunia staff 'pon resumption of their duties tomorrow.
Hope this is of some help for the time being....regards,

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This user no longer exists RE: Driver update support
Member 24th Jan, 2011 11:12

The Secunia PSI aims to update all insecure OS components, drivers or otherwise.
Please keep in mind, though, that the PSI is not a general update checker. Any insecure patches should be updated though.

Or is this not the case? If so, what is the driver name and associated Secunia Advisory?
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