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arlene-c Stop background scanning
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I'm new to Secunia PSI but it looks impressive-except I don't like having it run constantly in background, hogging memory & CPU. I'd rather just run it myself when I want to check for updates-it's not like most updates are actually critical you know, at least for those who aren't out on porn/pirate sites, etc.

It doesn't appear that closing the tray icon actually shuts down the background processes. Is there a way to do it in the program or must I hack my way thru it?


Maurice Joyce RE: Stop background scanning
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U have not got it set up correctly to your liking.

Open PSI>Dashboard>Learn More>Secunia PSI Manual (PDF)

That tells U exactly how to tweak the programme in Settings.


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ddmarshall RE: Stop background scanning
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With automatic updates off, I don't see any measurable CPU by Secunia processes except when doing the weekly scan. The total working set for all the Secunia processes is less than 15MB on this system.

Use Configuration > Settings to prevent PSI starting at boot.

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