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gentryme Balloon Reports 100% Before Scan Completes
Member 28th Jan, 2011 04:45
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With the latest PSI, I have reported the perpetual scanning was solved, and it has been--for me. However, there is a new observation. If I am reporting something that others have already reported, I apologize.... I looked but did not see what I am about to state....

Upon initiating a manual scan, I receive a balloon pop-up stating a 100% score before the scan has completed.

In fact, the balloon pops up as soon as I request the scan, when in actuality (and for example) the scan is only 5% done. The balloon continues to display during the duration of the scan, and finally disappears after the scan is REALLY finished.

I would expect the desired behavior would be to display the results within the balloon AFTER the scan is complete--and said results would reflect reality--whatever that happens to be.

This behavior is consistent between my Windows XP laptop and my Vista Ultimate desktop system, and occurs as described irrespective of the version of IE I have installed....

Am I the only one for whom this nuance is occurring?


Mike Gentry


Mike Gentry

mogs RE: Balloon Reports 100% Before Scan Completes
Member 28th Jan, 2011 09:30
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I've had the same problem occurring.....the balloon also pops up again at the end of the scan....the matter has been reported and noted.
Hope this helps....regards,

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