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iisguru PSI 2.0 crashes
Member 30th Jan, 2011 00:16
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My older PSI on Win XP SP3 indicated that there was a newer version of PSI. Downloaded and installed it while PSI was running. The installer offered to close it for me, which I allowed. Install went through without a hitch. But, when I open the icon in the tray PSI opens up for a brief minute and closes automatically. Hovering the mouse over the tray icon indicates that my system is 99% secure.

Uninstalled the PSI and did a clean install (twice), but the PSI window does not stay and crashes.

I had version 2.0 on two other computers for a while without a problem. One was Win 7 and the other was XP.

Wondering what is happening. Anybody else with similar crashes?

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mogs RE: PSI 2.0 crashes
Member 30th Jan, 2011 05:39
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There have been various changes/additions made to the FAQ's recently...some specific to may be worth checking thro' the settings again here :-
Hope it helps.........regards,

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iisguru RE: PSI 2.0 crashes- resolved
Member 30th Jan, 2011 06:51
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Thanks very much for your guidance. I resolved the issue by following this:

"1) Go to where you installed the PSI (Probably C:\Program Files\Secunia\PSI, or C:\Program Files (x86) for 64-bit systems), right-click PSI.exe, click Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and set a check at 'Turn off advanced text services for this program' "

Your suggestion did help. Thanks and regards
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