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KingTutt Does VLC Player 1.1.7 fix SA41810 ?
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VLC Player 1.1.7 is released and listed as patched (Up-to-date) is PSI 2.0.
Never the less in category "Secure Browsing" it is still listed as "Unpatched, no vendor solution" with a hint to Secunia Advisory SA41810.

The Advisory does not say anything about the new version, there was only a small discussion about version 1.1.5.
It would be helpful to know, if VLC 1.1.7 does fix this problem.

However it is a little bit confusing that PSI 2.0 says that VLC is patched on the one hand (a normal user feels secure) and the opposite on the other hand. What should a user think about that?
It would at least be helpful to drop a notice to SA41810 that the problem is still existing in version 1.1.7 if and only if it is still present. Otherwise the Advisory should be marked as fixed.

King Regards

Anthony Wells RE: Does VLC Player 1.1.7 fix SA41810 ?
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Hi ,

I have replied to this thread concerning a similar query :-

Hope it helps .



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