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ardengard 3rd party software patching
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We are trying to deploy csi-agent from the Secunia CSI and plannning to patch 3rd party software in the future with Secunia CSI. But we can't get this to work.

We have one upstream server and two downstream servers. The problem is that the downstream servers won't receive the 3rd party patches or the csi-agent from the upstream server. And therefore we can't deploy the patches to the client computers.

We have been in contact with the secunia support and they said that we have to temporarly enable ssl on the downstream servers and connect to them in the Secunia CSI software and import the WSUS self asigned certificate. We can then disable ssl on the downstream servers.

Is there anybody who knows the solution for our problem?

rjohansson RE: 3rd party software patching
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This is the only option you have since this is a requirement from Microsoft not Secunia. There is no other way then using SSL this can be solved.

Thank you,

Secunia Support

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