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baseballfan ERROR MESSAGE
Member 10th Feb, 2011 01:32
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I had PSI on machine. Had to do clean install. PSI will not run or scan. Get error message: Error: Type error Function: utl.switch page File: undefined Line: undefined Discription length is null or not an object. Wut hat the heck is this? I got my original profile back. I shutdown PSI and restarted but won't run. Help!!!! Thank You any help appreciated. Running Win 7 x64. Never had this before in all the time had PSI, always ran flawlessly.

Member 17th Feb, 2011 17:55
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The error message is not easy to interpret. To me, it suggests that there is something missing in the PSI installation. So if it were me, I would not trust the current installation or the current PSI installer file. I would uninstall PSI, download a new PSI installer from, and install it again. But I would not do this with high hopes because the problem could possibly be somewhere in your operating system and have nothing to do with the PSI installation.



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Expert Contributor 17th Feb, 2011 20:43
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The "Error" message was a known bug which used to be cured by exiting the PSI and reinstalling from the "All Programmes" icon . It could also appear when there was a problem with the "servers"at the Secunia end of the chain .

AFAIK the latest version , which metaed's link should give you , fixed the the bug .

Let us know if it has , because if it has not , Secunia support would probably like to know .

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