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JCandJJ WindowsUpdate_8007065E
Member 13th Feb, 2011 05:30
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Windows VISTA SP2 32 bit OS...

Secunia PSI shows these available updates but they can not be installed...

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x
Microsoft Windows Vista

The results have an error code that aren't in any of the forums I've searched.

The last time I tried to find something on this I got the idea the patch is for 64 bit systems.

Are there any known solutions for these security patches ???

mogs RE: WindowsUpdate_8007065E
Member 13th Feb, 2011 08:28
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There's some info here :-
Hope it helps....regards,

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Maurice Joyce RE: WindowsUpdate_8007065E
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8007065E is a general Error Code that affects numerous Windows Hotfixes.

Windows Update is bespoke - it will not give U a hotfix for a 64 bit system if U are using 32 bit.

Look in your Windows update history. What are the KB numbers of any failed hotfix installs?

Run a manual Windows Update - what updates are offered by KB number?

Have U got SP2 installed for Vista?

Once these facts are known there is a better chance of someone giving U a realistic solution.


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