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bjb322 App idea - Virtual Epidemiologist
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I don't know how many people will see this, since this forum has had all of one post in the last two months, but I came up with an idea and I think it's neat.

What if you recorded PSI and virus scan results across a number of PCs? With a little bit of work you could determine which security holes were associated with which infections, and how many people are actually being affected by a given security hole. It seems to me like this information would be very interesting from a research point of view.

Right now I'm trying to decide the best way to hack together a prototype. I don't plan on making money off of this so I don't want to spend money if I can avoid it. I'm thinking I could use ClamAV to gather virus information, then look for somewhere to get database hosting. I've used Google App Engine for its convenient database in the past, but I don't know how well that could be hooked up to a desktop app.

Does anyone out there have comments or suggestions? I'd like to hear what people have to say about the basic idea, and any suggestions on gathering virus info or getting a database provider would be appreciated.

This user no longer exists RE: App idea - Virtual Epidemiologist
Member 14th Apr, 2011 09:44
Last edited on 14th Apr, 2011 09:45 Hi,

Sorry that I took so long in commenting, but I've been unavailable for a while.

I think this is a very interesting idea. If you are interested, I could help you test/develop some of the PSI-end code (Not on behalf of Secunia, but simply as a private individual).

If you have some code you would like tested/commented, or possible a roadmap/wishlist, forward it to and I'll have a look.
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