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garyfritz Erroneous warnings: Vim and Filezilla
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I just installed PSI (great stuff, thanks!!!) and got a few errors in my initial scan:

* It said Filezilla was out of date -- which it was -- but the "fix it" link was wrong. I was running 3.1.5, current is 3.1.6, but the link downloaded (It might have gotten confused because I had two copies installed, and one was, but it still shouldn't have linked to an old version.)

* It said Vim (vi editor) was out of date. The "fix it" link downloaded the current release, but that release is identical to the release I'm running: 7.2, dated "2008 Jun 21".

Also, a request: the "Technical Details" icons show the version that was found in the scan. Could it also tell the CURRENT version that PSI recommends you install?


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