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baumgrenze KB971029
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I have Windows Update set to allow me to control downloads and installations. Today I experienced a misfire when I clicked on the Updates shield. I recalled seeing that I was being asked to install an update to XP. I ran both PSI and Belarc Advisor and was told that I had no updates to install or that my hotfixes were up-to-date. I ran Windows Update and discovered two missing updates, Update for Windows XP (KB971029)Date last published: 2/22/2011Typical download size: 935 KB and Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB2495644)Date last published: 2/14/2011Download size: 6 MB . I realize that the latter represents less of a threat than perhaps the former. For both PSI and Belarc, before I ran the program I updated. Can anyone supply a good reason why these updates are not yet part of PSI?



mogs RE: KB971029
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When updating Microsoft Applications, it is a good idea to keep in mind that some Microsoft Updates do not "kick in" until after a reboot. Therefore, it is recommended to try following this procedure when installing Microsoft Updates:

1) Check Microsoft Update: install all security-related patches
2) Reboot
3) Repeat step 1: repeat step 2 if anything was installed at this step
4) Run a full rescan with the PSI

Hope the foregoing is of some help....regards,

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ddmarshall RE: KB971029
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PSI only concerns itself with security updates.

KB971029 changes the way Autoplay works. Although it increases security by preventing programs on removable media from starting automatically, it's not classified as a vulnerabity fix.

KB2495644 is an update to Silverlight. It contains bug fixes and enhancements. It doesn't include any security fixes.

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