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Boerge Madsen Secunia Community Profile
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I need to recover my profile. I set my name and email adress in the boxes, and sned request bt "recover profile". I get now a message saying, that I will get an email with a link for conformation. But I don't get this email?

puget1 RE: Secunia Community Profile
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At best, have a read through on this thread: Hopefully, all else is working on your install. Correct? You did not have a change in Isp's have you? So, there is a change from .net to .com or vice vesa? Did you check your junk mail? It is poss. that PSI was sent to junk.
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Anthony Wells RE: Secunia Community Profile
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Hi ,

Secunia have been/still are experiencing email updating problems in some areas ; this may include your situation . Secunia support are not active on the Forum at present , so you may get a better response if you email them direct at and explain your dilemma .

Hope that helps .



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