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Anguel PSI updates Thuderbrid with wrong language
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The PSI auto-updates are a very good thing as long as they do not install the wrong updates. Unfortunately, my Thunderbird just turned from German to English after an auto-update. First I thought that it was a bug in Thunderbird but then I noticed that this must have been caused by PSI. "Preferred language" in PSI was set to default (I even did not know about this "hidden" setting).

I consider this is a bug in PSI, because the auto-updater should determine your language before updating. Or am I expected to manually set this option for all my programs?

Now I manually reinstalled the German version over the English and hope things are well, but of course I have a bad feeling about this. I mean any change is citical when it concerns all your e-mails...


mogs RE: PSI updates Thuderbrid with wrong language
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There's a note about it from Anthony Wells :-
PSI detects all language versions of most programmes , but the solution offered is generally the International/ English version -you can select your language in "auto-update" in the Beta - note that the "default" displayed is English and not your local/system language . These are known to and considered by Secunia as a "bugs" .

Let us know your progress.

From this thread :-

Not particularly helpful perhaps....but hope it's of some explanation.....regards,

EDIT.....Tho' it's the Beta version referred to in the far as I'm aware, the policy continues in psi 2.0.

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Anthony Wells RE: PSI updates Thuderbrid with wrong language
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There is a more recent reply from me here , the bug remains the same :-



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