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Horatio Feedback
Member 5th Dec, 2008 02:50
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When I go to type into the boxes,in the feedback form,after the cursor,nothing appears to reflect what I type in.
It still reacts to clicking on "send" but seemingly sends a blank form.
What am I doing wrong? Please help.

WhatsupNow RE: Feedback
Member 18th Dec, 2008 05:28
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You are not the only person I was going to make the same comment but I found yours with search.
Was this reply relevant?
This user no longer exists RE: Feedback
Secunia Official 18th Dec, 2008 12:46
In the lower right corner of the Secunia PSI you can see which exact version you have installed. If it is version you can solve the issue by installing any later version of the PSI.

You can get the latest version here:

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