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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x

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angrig Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x
Member 11th Mar, 2011 15:09
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Reported by Secunia PSI as Unpatched and not secure for browsing

joe schmoe RE: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x
Member 11th Mar, 2011 17:17
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Hello angrig,

It would be helpful when posting to the forum to at least include details of what OS you are running and the version of PSI you are running on your computer.

Example: I am running XP Home SP3, PSI v.

You can get version information for Secunia by right-clicking the Secunia icon in the system tray and clicking About.

I am assuming you are getting this information from the Secure Browsing link within Secunia.

joe schmoe

XP Home, PSI v.

XP Pro SP3 P4 3.2 HT 2 GB RAM Avast! 9.0.2018 AIS
Win 7 Home Pro SP1 Pentium D 2.8 3 GB RAM Avast 9.0.2018 AIS
Secunia PSI XP Pro 32-bit & Win 7 H Pro 64-bit
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Anthony Wells RE: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x
Expert Contributor 11th Mar, 2011 17:25
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Hi ,

IE8 is subject to Secunia Advisories which show minor , no solution/unpatched vulnerabilities ; here is the full Secunia listing (scroll down):-

So IE8 is shown as "unsafe for browsing" in the PSI "secure browsing" module .

Whatever the listing , no Browser is 100% safe ; always use safe browsing rules .

Take care



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