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fasteddie0747 End Of Life Softwares.
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I wanted to know on the end of life programs that are found in PSI scans can they be deleted from the programs on ones computer from the uninstall obtions in programs.


Anthony Wells RE: End Of Life Softwares.
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Hi ,

For the average/normal user the simple answer to can you is , yes you can . Use either the "uninstaller.exe file in your programme's folder or if the programme is displayed in the "Add/Remove" section of your Control Panel or similar (according to your OS) you can also use that facility . Some clean up software have an "uninstaller" tool , but they may not be needed by you . It is likely that a few old files may get left behind , but they should not provoke a problem ; so unless they do , they can be ignored .

The other question is should you , which depends on whether you ever use the programme , whether you can update it or replace it , etc.

If you are not sure you can always rename the programme by adding a suffix such as "_old" (without the quotation marks) directly to the end of the file that the PSI is detecting :eg : myuselessprogramme.exe would become myuselessprogramme.exe_old ; neither you nor the bad guys can use it and the PSI will no longer display it as "EOL". After a while , if you find you do not need it , then you can uninstall/delete the software .

If you need further help , post back with your version of the PSI and your OS , the "EOL" programmes , their version # and their detected instance installation paths displayed in the PSI .

Hope that is clear , if not ask again .



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