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stlricky unable to locate browser
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This may sound really stupid but I cannot automatically update anything that PSI finds due to the message: "unable to locate appropriate web browser".
Just what is appropriate? I've checked settings and there appears to be no mention of this. I would think that between IE, Chrome and Safari (and more on some of my systems) SOMETHING would be "appropriate".

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mogs RE: unable to locate browser
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Although psi relies/is dependant upon settings within IE to work....the browser which you want it to open links in may be may be a matter of you resetting your default browser.
Hope this helps.....regards,

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Anthony Wells RE: unable to locate browser
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Hi ,

Apart from M$ updates which require/use IE , then the PSI "auto-update" facility does not "need" a browser ; however , the other programme updates will try to select your default browser or at least what Secunia/the PSI reads as your default .

This FAQ gives you info on where and what they are looking for :-

Does that help ??



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