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markman Positive report after program ( VLC) deleted
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After my initial scan with PSI I was given 6 reports, consisting of one Firefox, four flash, and one VLC. All except VLC were dealt with reasonably smoothly after learning my way around the PSI program.

In common with users on other threads concerning VLC, I was confused over what was supposed to be the correct version number so after deciding I didn't really need VLC at present, I deleted it using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. A rescan still reported VLC so after using Start then Search (VLC in search box)I found VLC files scattered all over the hard drive, even though they were supposedly deleted. Noting where they were, I used Windows Explorer to find the main folders/directories and manually deleted them. Another rescan came up 100% clear.

So, I'm guessing that although the business end of a program might be shown as deleted, odd files including the file where the version number is stored are sometimes still available for inspection by programs such as PSI?

If I find I need VLC sometime in the future, hopefully it will be squeaky clean and be ignored by PSI.

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