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vcollerji Cisco VPN v5.0.07.0410
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PSI shows this as vulnerable for by Windows XP 32-bit system, whereas Secunia Advisory SA26459 only shows this vulnerability as in versions prior to for for 32-bit systems. The suggested fix is only available for 64-bit systems. Any suggestions?

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Anthony Wells RE: Cisco VPN v5.0.07.0410
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Hi ,

There is more info here from Cisco to compare/relating to SA26459 :-

It is talking about "workarounds" being available to apply with Cisco provided software :-

What is not clear is what you mention concerning versions numbers and architecture (to my untrained eye) , particularly as Secunia/the PSI does not consider/detect/display workarounds as patching , only recording/displaying actually "patched" versions .

You will need to ask Cisco what is the latest patched version in the 32 bit family and try to get them or you to liase with Secunia as , if the PSI is saying your version is insecure :ie: v5.0.07.0410(x86) means they think there is a later patched version which excludes a workaround ; as you say that is only the x64 version ...0440 .

Definitely you need to get Secunia and Cisco interacting , as far as I can discern .

Does that make sense to you ??



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